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How This Syrian Boy Exposed My Apathy


I was scrolling through my Twitter feed yesterday when I first saw the image and video footage of Omran. It stopped me, literally froze my thumb on top of my shiny iPhone screen. It was shocking. Disturbing. Unsettling. Sickening. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. A completely innocent child having to wipe blood away from his face in...

Why Your Faith Doesn’t Belong in a Box


Growing up in the South there really isn’t a question as to whether or not you will go to church. The only question is what kind of church will you go to? Baptist? Pentecostal? Catholic? Church of Christ? Regardless of what kind of church you attend, when you grow up in church, you tend to get into a routine. It’s not the...

Why Every Moment Really Does Matter


Hearing your name is one of the most comforting things in life. It starts as a child, when your mom or your dad calls your name to come inside for dinner. When your best friend shouts your name in the school halls. When your child calls you, “Mom-ma” or “Da-da” for the first time. A name means a lot, especially when...

The Pains and Problems of Our Nation


As I’ve scrolled through social media the past few days and witnessed the heartbreak and pain that is canvassing our country – I’ve felt a range of emotions. Heartbroken. Confused. Angry. Upset. Right now there are multiple families waking up to a new day without their father, without their son, without their brother. There are...

Peace Isn’t About Being Comfortable


When I pull up to order a coffee at my local Starbucks I rarely have to pronounce my order. Before I can finish my sentence, the barista chimes in and finishes my request. “One grande, blonde roast coffee – light  cream.” Every day. Every morning.  It’s actually become somewhat of a joke among the employees. I can’t help it;...

An Open Letter to My One Year Old Son

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Dear Asher, By the time you’re old enough to read this you will probably be embarrassed that I wrote a sappy, father-to-son letter and posted it on the internet for the whole world to see. Good thing you can’t stop me. (haha) Don’t worry, this won’t take long, and I promise that one day you will be glad that I gave you a few of...

(Baby) Steps of Faith


I’ll never forget the first blog post I ever wrote. I actually wrote it without being sure I would ever share it with anyone. God was stirring something in my heart and I simply had to get it out. I scrambled to find the right words, but finally reached a place of satisfaction and hit the “save” button. The final product was...

Life Lessons From My Grandpa


This week one of the strongest, greatest men I’ve ever known entered into Heaven – my grandpa or as our family called him, “Papaw.” There’s not many out there like my Papaw. Strong willed and strong in heart. Respected and respectful. Papaw was the kind of man who made a lasting impact on everything and everyone he...

5 Lies the Enemy Convinced Me to Believe

5 lies

Growing up I watched my fair share of cartoons. In nearly all of the cartoons, when a character would make a bad decision it was the fault of a red-faced, pitch-fork-carrying devil on their shoulder. This imagery formed a notion in my mind that the devil only shows up when we are faced with a decision of obvious right or wrong. As I’ve read the...